Lecture initiated in October 2015 as a series of classes, talks and presentations that are devoted to topics ranging from science and technology to art to provides an opportunity of learning different interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary subjects. Our main goal is to make knowledge accessible to everyone and provide a mean for experts to share their expertise with others.

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Introduction to Analytical Mechanics

Lagrange’s Equations

Siamak G. Faal

An introduction to Lagrange’s approach to derive the differential equations of motion for a system composed of multiple rigid bodies. This presentation covers some of the basics required to understand Lagrange’s formulation, a brief discussion on Newtonian vs. Lagrangian dynamics and discussions on generalized coordinates, constraints and virtual work. The lecture concludes with some examples of Lagrange’s formulation.

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Matrix Analysis of Structures

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

Sina Askarinejad

Matrix analysis of structures or direct stiffness method is one of the powerful tools to analyze stress propagations and deflections in structures and the most common implementation of the Finite Element method. To apply this technique, a complex structure is modeled with a set of simple idealized elements (two-force members or truss elements) that are connected to each other at specific nodes. This presentation focuses on the matrix analysis equations and formulations of 2-D and 3-D truss elements.

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